Birthday parties are easily one of my favorite events ever! When Abby of Beijos Events asked if I could make some custom crowns for her kids shared birthday party I was so excited!! What do you get when you a combine a princess party and a rockstar party? Shine on You Crazy Diamond rock-princess party! Seriously, these kids are cooler than I could ever hope to be. Also Dave just told me the theme name is a Pink Floyd album name (my dad would be so embarrassed that I didn't know that already).

The crystal crown for birthday girl and the floral crown party favors we're our contribution to the event! I had so much fun making them and am seriously considering making another crystal crown for myself ;) There were some other awesome vendors who participated that I'll link below! Make sure to check them out on social media and the two blog posts from 100 Layer Cakelet and Beijos Events for more awesome photos!

Check out the vendors list below!

Don't forget to check out the awesome vendors who also participated:


It was a beautiful day in the PNW this Easter Sunday. We had so much fun at church this morning and then drove over to my parents' house in Kirkland for Easter egg hunting, relaxing, and a delicious dinner. The boys had a blast playing with their Uncle Jon and Connor gave the cutest Easter prayer at dinner: "thank you for mama and Happy Easter that we get to do today". It was adorable. Love my little family. Happy Easter everyone!

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You guys, I got to work with the lovely ladies at Beijos Events down in California on their super cute Easter Playdate sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids. As an artist you always have those random milestones in life where you do something that you're just incredibly proud of. Those times where you get to step out of your comfort zone and do something new and have it just turn out awesome. This was one of those moments for me. And if you read my most recent post on the blog about the Etsy Shop and the process that has been lately, you know how hugely reaffirming that is on my journey as a shop owner. 

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I recently added these headbands to my shop and they have been such a huge hit! I have been loving making them too. I never really considered myself super girly up until this point in my life...I think finding out we were having a third boy freed me from feeling like I need to justify doing anything girly. I'm going to paint flowers, look at wedding magazines, make flower crowns, paint my nails pink, wear floral print, and just not care. There's enough testosterone in my life to balance it out I think.

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Now that I'm quite obviously showing, the first question almost everyone asks is: "boy or girl?". Followed by: "It must be so hard to come up with ANOTHER boy name". Yup, it is. Not like we haven't had a girl name picked out for like four years now. Sigh. Honestly though, we're super excited to have another little boy joining us in early June, I think I would probably be more anxious about a girl now that I've gotten so used to boy-mom life. But hey, we finally have settled on a name!

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Braden-boy is 18 months old (as of like 3 weeks ago, whoops), and I still can't believe it!! How has time gone by so fast?! We started a tradition of having professional photos taken on the kids' 18 month "birthday"...because I kept forgetting to schedule a photoshoot with Connor for his one year birthday until he was already 18 months now all the other kids get to have theirs at that age ;) It works out pretty well though! 18 months is such a fun age!

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We're back! I promised a little update on the shop when I got some time and so here I am - during nap time and in between house projects/Etsy orders trying to form coherent thoughts.

Some of you know already that closing the shop during the first trimester was a tough decision. We were finally gaining what felt like some really nice momentum, I was filling around two orders a day, and it was super fun to have such a great creative outlet (and the extra cash was nice too). Closing the shop sort of felt like a defeat.

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It's been snowing almost non-stop since yesterday afternoon. I'm pretty sure we've had around 2'  of snowfall and the snow that has stuck is taller than my knee high rain boots! It's madness and the boys love it. Obviously Dave didn't make it in to work today, so during his "lunch break" we met up with friends in the neighborhood and did some sledding and snowman-building. After two hours in the snow our kids are passed out and I'm drinking hot cocoa by the fire. THE BEST. We love our new neighborhood and our new neighbors. So much fun!

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