Baby Shower

Saturday my mom and dear friend Casey hosted my first baby shower for little Connor-boy! It was so much fun. We went with a nautical theme and an open-house format. The only scheduled event was gift opening towards the end of the afternoon. It was great to be able to see good friends from all different seasons of my life and to spend some quality time with them and my family. There were silly games and a ton of food and drinks to choose from. My husband Dave was kind enough to document the event with our new camera that he is getting more and more skilled at operating.

I loved being able to catch up with all the ladies of my life and to glean as much wisdom and advice from them as possible before this little one arrives. A baby shower is such an awesome opportunity to ask the women you love and respect to celebrate with you and share their successes (and not-so-successes). It was such a blessing that so many women were able to make it to celebrate with me and I know there were plenty of others who were there in spirit!

We are feeling more than well supplied for Connor's arrival now as well. Everyone has been so generous with us and the gifts we received have been so appreciated. We love them and we're sure once Connor arrives he will be very thankful for them too! :)

Autumn 2013

It's about to get crazy. This was one of our last weekends before baby appointments, anniversaries, and holidays take over our weekends until Connor arrives. November and December are apparently just those sorts of months for us. We have our baby shower next Saturday, Dave's birthday on November 6, our wedding anniversary on November 10, Thanksgiving, Connor's due date on December 3rd, Linda's birthday (Dave's mom) on December 15th, Christmas, Dave's family coming to visit at the end of December, and then finally New Years. All that plus baby proofing our house, doctor's appointments, and making sure we have our car seat correctly installed shapes up for a jam packed next two months. We are so excited about it.

Thankfully we've been able to take some time to relax together and go on some fun little dates before the holiday rush. A few weekends ago we got together with family friends the Otterholts and made neat little tiered cookie trays. My mom and I had gone out to a local antique shop and cleared them out of clear glass plates and a few nautical ones. My dad helped Casey and I silicon them together with Dollar Store glass candle holders. They turned out pretty great! I'm excited to use them to display snacks and treats at the baby shower this weekend.

Dave and I also went for a walk down to the little neighborhood pond to visit the ducks. This is one of our favorite little features of our neighborhood. It's just down the road from us and there is a sad little set of steps down to the pond. The ducks obviously get fed by the neighbors all the time because they are certainly not shy. Last time we visited the little pond was when we moved in during the summer and the lily pads were a lot less overgrown then. It's still beautiful though and we love sitting at the little bench there to read.

Today we finally went to the cute little pumpkin patch literally 2 minutes down the road from our house. They have Christmas trees, pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, and a corn maze! It is simple, but adorable. We were really surprised actually. The quality of the pumpkins were awesome, we got to run into our neighbors and chat with them, we even checked out the Christmas trees (even though we just bought a fake one from Costco). There's something so "small town" about having a local pumpkin patch in our neighborhood that just makes me so happy. We went with our really good and extremely photogenic friends the Moshofskys. We love them. Check out the photos! Connor is as big as the pumpkins we picked out!

29 Week Ultrasound

Today we had our second ultrasound appointment. At our first ultrasound appointment back at week 20 we were told that everything with our little Connor-boy was looking perfect, except the placement of his umbilical cord. Ideally the umbilical cord should be located in the very center of the placenta, but Connor's was off on the side. When the umbilical cord is not centrally placed it has a higher likelihood of getting pinched as the baby grows which can make getting essential nutrients difficult as the pregnancy progresses. Our doctors reassured us that we really had nothing to worry about and that in most cases as the baby and placenta continue to grow the umbilical cord will migrate back in towards the center of the placenta, but that it was something they wanted to monitor.

So we got to see Connor for a second ultrasound today! Normally we would only get one ultrasound (at week 20). Right away our ultrasound technician told us that it looked like the cord had migrated back towards the middle of the placenta and that there was no indication that Connor was having a hard time receiving the nutrients he needed. RELIEF! Thankfully we were never too worried about it. The staff at Swedish Issaquah Hospital have been so reassuring and positive throughout the whole process that we definitely trust them when they tell us not to worry about something.

It was so fun to see him again on the big screen. He is so much bigger! It's amazing how much they grow in such a short amount of time. He is already head down (and hopefully will stay that way!). Our ultrasound technician was pretty sure he was in REM sleep since we got to see his little eyes move back and forth but he was quite obviously asleep. We got an awesome view of his little face straight on before he started nuzzling his hands and hid his face from view. We also got to see him making little nursing motions of swallowing and opening/closing his mouth. So fun! We can't wait to hold him. Thanks to those of you who prayed for a healthy diagnosis for today!

Connor's Nursery

We couldn't be more excited to be having little Connor North Retterath join us in early December! I personally have been having so much fun getting his little nursery together for his arrival. Everyone always talks about the 'nesting' phase of pregnancy and I thought it was really just an excuse for women to decorate something...but it is true!

My insatiable desire to prepare his little room has driven me to spend more time than i would ever willingly spend on a sewing machine! Thankfully we have already been blessed by a variety of people who have either lent us or given us fun little pieces for his room. If it weren't for that I think I would have already broke the bank on adorable little baby decor.

Gender Reveal

Yes we do get weird looks when we refer to our baby as Coco instead of "baby" or "it" like normal people, but we just can't help ourselves! It's too fun! Coco is a combination of Connor and Cora which are the two names we've picked out.

Cora Lanae Retterath is our favorite for a little girl. Its a mash up of my name Leanna Carol Retterath. Dave really wants our little girl to be a little mini me.. Connor North Retterath is our favorite for a little boy. Connor is a Scottish name - which I LOVE, and North is Dave's grandma's maiden name. Dave's middle name is Scott (also taken from a grandmother's maiden name, so we're continuing a tradition with this one). Also there is the whole conNOR NORth thing, which is just neat.

Drum roll....It's a boy!! Connor North Retterath showed up happy and active during our ultrasound this afternoon. He was kicking like crazy and hiding his little face so we had to wait until the very end to be able to see him clearly. We both got a little teary eyed from excitement. Generally though, I laughed through most of the exam (partially because it was hilarious to be able to see Connor kicking me and feel it at the same time).

It was so much fun. We got to see all his little fingers and toes, watch him clench and unclench a little fist. We even got to see him open his mouth. Sounds like it isn't a big deal, but this is the first time we had ever seen our little baby, so everything is a big deal.

Home Sweet Home

When we began looking at houses months ago, this house was the first house we looked at and were absolutely smitten with immediately. We even went to the first open house they posted and joked about how perfect this house was for us. At the time we didn't think we were quite ready to purchase a house yet and wanted to wait until the summer months to start seriously making offers and pursuing real estate. However that same week we met with our Real Estate Agent Rachel Harris of Harris Realty and our broker Doug of Entrust Brokerage (both based out of the Seattle area) and were blown away when they both told us we could put an offer on this house today if we wanted.

We thought "why not?!" and put a minimum offer down on the house just to see what it was like to 'get in the game'. Of course we were immediately outbid by everyone else who had fallen in love with this beautiful house. However a week later our real estate agent noticed that the house had been re-listed at a slightly higher price. She contacted the seller's agent and found out that non of the previous offers had been willing to wait 3 months to close. However, we were living in a rented townhouse at the time so we were more than willing to wait to close! So we re-bid at the new price. After some negotiating, our bid was chosen and we began the long process of closing on the house.

Almost two weeks into home ownership and we are even more in love with this house than when we saw it for the first time we saw it months ago at the open house. We can't believe we're home owners at 24 and 25 years old, let alone home owners of such a gorgeous house. Check out the photo stream of the house as it was originally decorated when it was being shown in the flickr link.

We're Pregnant

So we're pregnant! It's a bit crazy that we met March 2012, married November 2012, and got pregnant March 2013. We just like to do everything in fast forward I guess! We couldn't be more excited though. Having kids right away was something we knew we both wanted so it was a no brainer to just go for it and see what God would do.

It didn't take much. We went off birth control in March and we are due December do the math.

After talking with friends and family and looking around the area we decided on Swedish Hospital in Issaquah. It's a brand new facility (soaking tubs in the birthing rooms?! Yes please!). Our doctor is Heather Kipa - she is seriously awesome. Super funny, really positive, and so nice. It's our first baby so I would really just like someone who I feel comfortable asking silly questions, and she is so easy to talk to. Big fan.

We went in for our 20 week check up this last Monday July 15. Coco was kicking so much when Dr. Kipa was trying to listen to the heartbeat that she had to recount a couple different times! We were all in stitches listening to this little baby roll around. Clean bill of health for everyone! Hooray

Our First Place

When we started hunting for a place to live we had narrowed it down to three areas in the greater Seattle area. Downtown Kirkland, Downtown Bellevue, and Downtown Redmond were all areas that we seriously considered and looked at while trying to decide where we would live together for the first time. We wanted a place close to church and work for Dave as well as a place that would be fun to live and give us easy access to some fun restaurants and pubs in the evenings.

Ultimately we made our decision based off proximity to Dave's work, and since he is based at the Redmond campus of Microsoft, we decided that a 8 minute commute was definitely worth it. We picked Trailwood Apartments because of their extremely high reviews off Yelp. It is so quiet and clean and our neighbors, although not extremely gregarious, are courteous and friendly.

This is the first time Dave has ever lived without at least house mates, let alone a roommate! We are slowly trying to furnish the house and at least fill it with the necessities before his entire family comes to stay there for the wedding. While we may not have enough in the way of supplies, at least we certainly have the space. A two bedroom, two story townhouse is more than enough space for just the two of us. I cannot wait to move in.