Happy birthday sweet Connor!! I can't believe you are already three years old. You are full of personality and opinions and just the sweetest little boy.

You love playing with your castle and dragon toys, and even sometimes share nicely with Braden 😉

Going to "falcon castle" park up the street is your favorite thing to do and you're getting better and better at running across the swinging bridge and going down the big slide all on your own!

Toy Story is your favorite movie (although you've been enjoying Finding Dory a lot lately) and Daniel Tiger is your favorite TV show.

You know the whole Michigan Fight song and can sing it on command. In fact, you sing all sorts of songs all the time and we love it. You even help us sing Braden his good night song every night before bed. It's the sweetest thing ever.

We love you so much Connor-boy! You're the sweetest little toddler ever! We are so thankful for you! Happy birthday!

Leanna Retterath