So we've been basically MIA on the blog for like three months now. Whoops. Things got a little crazy between moving and winter colds/flus/life. My MIL came to stay with us for three whole weeks to help us keep everything together and it was the biggest blessing ever. Seriously amazing. I don't know how we would have juggled the kids and getting the house ready to sell and everything else that was going on without her.

Our house sold super fast in Sammamish and we were able to quickly move into our new place in Snoqualmie! We love it here! It's so incredibly beautiful. Mt. Si is basically right outside our window and it's just a short drive to the ski slopes on Snoqualmie Pass now 😊 Seriously can't wait until we get to take the boys skiing for the first time! Connor is probably old enough, just gotta find a good bunny hill and some cheap gear!!

Connor turned three on Monday, and between the move and recovering from our second round of head cold in a month we decided to just do a little family only party. Feel a little guilty about that, but he was spoiled rotten all weekend so I don't think he's be complaining 😏 Also it SNOWED on Sunday (when we celebrated his birthday) so that probably would have put a damper on birthday party turn out anyways.

We're slowly settling in to our new home; lots of unpacked boxes and empty spaces but we're taking our time. We hope to be here awhile, so there's no rush. At least some of our Christmas decorations got unpacked and set up! Priorities 🎄 hopefully I'll get around to posting some fun photos of the house on the blog once things settle down a little bit!

Leanna Retterath