Our First Place

When we started hunting for a place to live we had narrowed it down to three areas in the greater Seattle area. Downtown Kirkland, Downtown Bellevue, and Downtown Redmond were all areas that we seriously considered and looked at while trying to decide where we would live together for the first time. We wanted a place close to church and work for Dave as well as a place that would be fun to live and give us easy access to some fun restaurants and pubs in the evenings.

Ultimately we made our decision based off proximity to Dave's work, and since he is based at the Redmond campus of Microsoft, we decided that a 8 minute commute was definitely worth it. We picked Trailwood Apartments because of their extremely high reviews off Yelp. It is so quiet and clean and our neighbors, although not extremely gregarious, are courteous and friendly.

This is the first time Dave has ever lived without at least house mates, let alone a roommate! We are slowly trying to furnish the house and at least fill it with the necessities before his entire family comes to stay there for the wedding. While we may not have enough in the way of supplies, at least we certainly have the space. A two bedroom, two story townhouse is more than enough space for just the two of us. I cannot wait to move in.