29 Week Ultrasound

Today we had our second ultrasound appointment. At our first ultrasound appointment back at week 20 we were told that everything with our little Connor-boy was looking perfect, except the placement of his umbilical cord. Ideally the umbilical cord should be located in the very center of the placenta, but Connor's was off on the side. When the umbilical cord is not centrally placed it has a higher likelihood of getting pinched as the baby grows which can make getting essential nutrients difficult as the pregnancy progresses. Our doctors reassured us that we really had nothing to worry about and that in most cases as the baby and placenta continue to grow the umbilical cord will migrate back in towards the center of the placenta, but that it was something they wanted to monitor.

So we got to see Connor for a second ultrasound today! Normally we would only get one ultrasound (at week 20). Right away our ultrasound technician told us that it looked like the cord had migrated back towards the middle of the placenta and that there was no indication that Connor was having a hard time receiving the nutrients he needed. RELIEF! Thankfully we were never too worried about it. The staff at Swedish Issaquah Hospital have been so reassuring and positive throughout the whole process that we definitely trust them when they tell us not to worry about something.

It was so fun to see him again on the big screen. He is so much bigger! It's amazing how much they grow in such a short amount of time. He is already head down (and hopefully will stay that way!). Our ultrasound technician was pretty sure he was in REM sleep since we got to see his little eyes move back and forth but he was quite obviously asleep. We got an awesome view of his little face straight on before he started nuzzling his hands and hid his face from view. We also got to see him making little nursing motions of swallowing and opening/closing his mouth. So fun! We can't wait to hold him. Thanks to those of you who prayed for a healthy diagnosis for today!