Bridal Shower

My lovely maid of honor and close friend since we were six years old, Casey Otterholt, threw me the most amazing bridal shower I could have ever asked for. Hosted on the back porch of her parent's house in Kirkland in the beautiful Pacific Northwest sunshine we had a great time telling stories, playing bridal shower games, opening gifts and eating and drinking delicious food and wine.

It was so fun to look around my bridal shower and see the faces of friends and family that I had known as long as my whole life to having met them in just the last year. The only faces missing were those of my soon to be family back in Michigan who couldn't make the bridal shower (understandably!).

We played the taboo word game involving cloths pins, which my friend Kaitlin Guild won; the who knows the bride best game, which my mother won; the guess what the bride is wearing game, which my friend Lauren Gauger won; and the toilet paper bride game. Then we opened gifts - which Dave was super excited about because that meant we could finally have silverware and glassware in our townhouse! We were overwhelmed by not only the gifts we were given at the bridal shower, but also by the love we felt from everyone who attended.

Dave joined us towards the end of the party to meet some of the family and friends that he had not yet been introduced to, and to help carry out the haul of gifts. I know that I am extremely biased, but in my opinion it was the best bridal shower I had ever been to and I am so grateful to my friend Casey for putting so much time and love into making it such a special day for me.