Gender Reveal

Yes we do get weird looks when we refer to our baby as Coco instead of "baby" or "it" like normal people, but we just can't help ourselves! It's too fun! Coco is a combination of Connor and Cora which are the two names we've picked out.

Cora Lanae Retterath is our favorite for a little girl. Its a mash up of my name Leanna Carol Retterath. Dave really wants our little girl to be a little mini me.. Connor North Retterath is our favorite for a little boy. Connor is a Scottish name - which I LOVE, and North is Dave's grandma's maiden name. Dave's middle name is Scott (also taken from a grandmother's maiden name, so we're continuing a tradition with this one). Also there is the whole conNOR NORth thing, which is just neat.

Drum roll....It's a boy!! Connor North Retterath showed up happy and active during our ultrasound this afternoon. He was kicking like crazy and hiding his little face so we had to wait until the very end to be able to see him clearly. We both got a little teary eyed from excitement. Generally though, I laughed through most of the exam (partially because it was hilarious to be able to see Connor kicking me and feel it at the same time).

It was so much fun. We got to see all his little fingers and toes, watch him clench and unclench a little fist. We even got to see him open his mouth. Sounds like it isn't a big deal, but this is the first time we had ever seen our little baby, so everything is a big deal.