Home Sweet Home

When we began looking at houses months ago, this house was the first house we looked at and were absolutely smitten with immediately. We even went to the first open house they posted and joked about how perfect this house was for us. At the time we didn't think we were quite ready to purchase a house yet and wanted to wait until the summer months to start seriously making offers and pursuing real estate. However that same week we met with our Real Estate Agent Rachel Harris of Harris Realty and our broker Doug of Entrust Brokerage (both based out of the Seattle area) and were blown away when they both told us we could put an offer on this house today if we wanted.

We thought "why not?!" and put a minimum offer down on the house just to see what it was like to 'get in the game'. Of course we were immediately outbid by everyone else who had fallen in love with this beautiful house. However a week later our real estate agent noticed that the house had been re-listed at a slightly higher price. She contacted the seller's agent and found out that non of the previous offers had been willing to wait 3 months to close. However, we were living in a rented townhouse at the time so we were more than willing to wait to close! So we re-bid at the new price. After some negotiating, our bid was chosen and we began the long process of closing on the house.

Almost two weeks into home ownership and we are even more in love with this house than when we saw it for the first time we saw it months ago at the open house. We can't believe we're home owners at 24 and 25 years old, let alone home owners of such a gorgeous house. Check out the photo stream of the house as it was originally decorated when it was being shown in the flickr link.