You know those photos in the magazine that show gorgeous little bungalows out over the ocean at some remote tropical island? That is what our honeymoon destination looked like. It was literally seriously straight out of a magazine. The destination was Moorea, which is a tiny little island off the coast of Tahiti - yes Tahiti. It was amazing.

Although we were a little jet lagged when we first arrived, it didn't matter because the sun came up so early in the morning and set so late in the evening that we never actually adjusted to the time zone - except of course to make sure we got to the delicious, complimentary breakfast every morning. The first day we drove around the island checking out local restaurants and finding the best views. The following days we spent the majority of our time laying out on the beaches, snorkeling off our bungalow's small dock and laying around inside our well air conditioned bungalow (it was hot!). At night we would go to the crepes bar (located in the middle of the bungalow docks out over the ocean) where we ate some of the most delicious crepes I have ever had and watched sharks and sting ray swim below us.

We got to stay in Moorea for a whole week, and we never got sick of the beautiful weather and scenery. Our flight home did not end our honeymoon however since we got married so close to Thanksgiving. Dave was able to take the whole next week off as well, so we enjoyed a great stay-cation in Redmond Washington at our townhouse unpacking wedding gifts and visiting with family. Best honeymoon ever.