Meet The Retteraths

David grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and only just moved out to Seattle after graduating and accepting a full time position as a developer at Microsoft, so his entire family is still back in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. In fact his older brother and wife just bought a house in Kalamazoo and his older sister moved back to Grand Rapids to finish up her medical degree. Since we met in Washington, I of course had never met them.

I was completely convinced that Dave was going to propose in Michigan when we made this trip, but of course he surprised me and proposed a few weeks early, so I got to meet the family as fiancée rather than girlfriend which was so special.

When we arrived we were greeted by Dave's parents Bruce and Linda at the airport and we got to spend the rest of our trip with the two of them, which was such a blast. Dave is blessed with an absolutely wonderful family. We packed so much into the short time we spent there. We went to the botanical gardens nearby with his parents, traveled up to University of Michigan where Dave went to school, visited his older brother Luke and his wife Greta at their great new house in Kalamazoo, and spent hours lounging around the pool and playing board games.

Sadly Dave's older sister Lindsey was abroad during our visit so I wouldn't get to meet her until the wedding. However, Dave's little brother Zach and his girlfriend (now fiancée) Kara who had been on their study abroad, came home one day before our trip ended. Although they were jet lagged, and we were sun burnt and exhausted, we rallied and were able to enjoy the evening and the whole next day together before we had to leave. It was an amazing trip and I cannot wait until our next visit. I am so happy to have them all as my family