Michigan Bound

And we're off!! Today was a hugely successful travel day for us. We hit the road around 7:00 am and made stellar time, arriving at Great Falls Montana by 6:00 pm local time (we lost an hour). Connor did absolutely AMAZING! He seriously is super baby. We only made three pit stops total. Most people we told that we were planning on driving to Michigan from Washington with a 7 month old pretty much thought we were insane. So far, so good!

We passed the time listening to the audio book of the final Wheel of Time book, and watching the beautiful scenery go by. I have never been in Montana before and only seen a small part of Idaho so it was really fun to soak up the sights. Montana is so not what I pictures...I don't know what I pictured really, I think I was more surprised by the variety of landscape that Montana has than anything else. It was an absolutely beautiful drive. AND I found out I can successfully take photos from a moving vehicle (maybe? I think they look pretty good)

Things that worked today: bringing the breast pump and an AC adapter was CLUTCH. I was able to pump during Connor's naps and feed him from the bottle when he woke up...if we hadn't done that we would have had to stop a lot more. Also, last minute I threw in one of his sleep sacks that is a button up - since he has eczema he scratches all the time - I was able to put this thing on him backwards (the sleeves are sewed shut). The backwards sleep sack worked great to keep him from scratching himself and acted as a lightweight blanket during his naps.

Things that we learned: I should have pumped some reserve milk for the trip so that I wasn't reacting to him being hungry and fussy (pumping while baby is mad is not a good time). I should have clipped his fingernails BEFORE we left...oh my goodness the scratches (he drew blood!) And finally...the driver should wear sunscreen! Poor Dave has some sunburns on his hands and face. Lame

Tomorrow is day two and we are hoping to make it to Garrison, North Dakota to visit Dave's grandparents! Yay! Here's hoping Connor is able to sleep in the weird pack-and-play crib that the hotel provided us with...someone might get to sleep in bed with mom & dad tonight if things don't go well!