Michigan Bound Day 2

Wow, what a day! Round two of our grand driving adventure to Michigan was another resounding success! Our night in the hotel was uneventful. It seems we ended up with a room between people who slam doors every five minutes, and people who listen to TV on max volume, with people who run laps all night long in the room above us. So I didn't feel too bad about being the people who have a crying baby. We got some of the weirdest deep dish pizza I've ever had ata local pizza place...they literally used slices of pre-sliced cheese on their pizza. All in all Connor slept pretty well for being in such a foreign environment! Yay!

We got out of the gates a little later this morning and didn't hit the road until a little after 8:00am. It felt like a longer day because of that. Also because yesterday we flew through Washington, Idaho, and into Montana, while today was almost entirely Montana. It was pretty exciting to finally hit the boarder to North Dakota! We got pulled over by a cop for speeding at one point. Thankfully he took pity on us and let us off with a warning!

Weird Encounter of the Day: Cranky Guy who paid for his Dollar Menu McDonalds meal with a $100 bill and held up the entire line while the poor cashier had to go in the back office to get correct change. Are you a drug dealer? Why would you do this? So bizarre.

It was another beautiful drive and Connor was happy as a clam pretty much the whole time. We arrived in Garrison, North Dakota at Dave's grandparent's retirement home at around 7:30 pm. It was fun to drive through an area where Dave has some of his earliest childhood memories and to spend such special time with Dave's grandparents. Since G&G won't be able to make it down to Grand Rapids for the wedding in August it was really important that we get to see them at some point during this trip.

Connor has gotten to meet three great grandparents now! Pretty impressive. G&G are a riot and their place was lovely. It will be hard to say goodbye to them in the morning. More updates coming soon!!!