Michigan Bound Day 4

WE MADE IT!!!! Hooray! It feels so good to be out of the car, and Connor is so glad to be out of his car seat! The last day definitely felt long and Connor was cranky for probably the last half of the drive. But we're here and that's all that matters! Again, not a lot of photos of the trip because most of my time was spent entertaining our cranky little guy.

When we arrived we were greeted by Bruce, Linda, Zach, & Kara! So fun to be able to see (almost) everyone. Connor loved all the attention from the family. He was exhausted after such a big day and fell right asleep. Dave and I got to relax in the hot tub with a glass of wine while he slept...great way to end the road trip!

More to come! A month in Michigan, I am so excited!!