Michigan Vacation I

Oh this has been just too much fun already! Day one, we enjoyed lounging around the house with Linda who has the whole week off for the Fourth of July holiday. Connor got a lot of grandma time that day! Lucky guy. It was a bit gray out that day so we didn't jump in the pool, but Dave & I did get to relax in the hot tub after Connor went to bed and watch the fireflies. I love fireflies. Day two brought us glorious sunshine and therefore some fun in the pool. We went for an evening walk and checked out the new neighborhood being built across the street, which Connor loved, and was just beautiful. Day three we lost the company of Zach and Kara to a wedding in Chicago but gained Lindsey! If you can't tell from the photos Connor loves his uncles and aunts (and his soon-to-be aunt!!)

Luke and Greta joined us for the Fourth of July and we all enjoyed the gorgeous weather playing lawn games and relaxing in the pool. Connor even got to try out the pool for the first time! He loved it of course. We also ate a ton. Bruce and Linda are quite the chefs. It was a slow paced day, and exactly what everyone wanted. We didn't watch any fireworks or set any off (even though they're legal in Michigan now), but it felt a bit like being at a show with all the fireworks going off throughout the neighborhood. After Connor went down for the night Luke and Greta taught us how to play Dominion. Super fun game, right up Dave's alley, and after a couple rounds I was finally able to hold my own! It's always so much fun spending time with the siblings. We love it. Feeling spoiled that we get a whole month of this!!

Zach and Kara got back from the wedding in Chicago in the afternoon on the fifth and we were all united for the first time since...our wedding? CRAZY. It was so much fun. We played Can-Jam, lounged by the pool, watched Dave & Zach play soccer, played Dominion and ate delicious food. The grandparents took Connor and Bear for a walk while all the siblings and S.O.s relaxed in the back yard. We ended the night with some more Dominion before bed. Luke & Greta headed back to Kalamazoo early to finish packing up their house for the big move to Ann Arbor (so exciting!!).

We spent the majority of the morning relaxing outside by the pool. Around 5pm we went to down to East Grand Rapids to check out Zach & Kara's future home! It's a sweet little rental house next door to a very popular restaurant called Roses. Their living room window looks over a little marina on Reed's Lake. The house is literally 10 steps away from a beautiful little waterfront park in the downtown area (equivalent to downtown Kirkland waterfront where I'm from). Gorgeous. What a fun first place. After chatting about paint colors and sharing our ideas on how to best organize their furniture we ran over to Nantucket Bakery and ate some super tasty pizza and cookies. The rest of the night was spent at the Retterath homestead snacking and playing Dominion and Euchre with Zach and Kara.

First thunderstorm of the trip! My goodness it was a big one. The sky was full of lightning and the thunder was ridiculously loud. They do thunder storms big out here in Michigan. Connor wasn't scared thankfully, but the loud thunder combined with his weird nap schedule that day meant 2 hours of refusing to eat or go to sleep in the middle of his night time sleep routine. Fun times. Well at least he's done really really well with night time sleeping since we've been here so far. Hopefully last night was just a fluke! More to come next week.

Vacations are the best.