We're Pregnant

So we're pregnant! It's a bit crazy that we met March 2012, married November 2012, and got pregnant March 2013. We just like to do everything in fast forward I guess! We couldn't be more excited though. Having kids right away was something we knew we both wanted so it was a no brainer to just go for it and see what God would do.

It didn't take much. We went off birth control in March and we are due December 3rd...you do the math.

After talking with friends and family and looking around the area we decided on Swedish Hospital in Issaquah. It's a brand new facility (soaking tubs in the birthing rooms?! Yes please!). Our doctor is Heather Kipa - she is seriously awesome. Super funny, really positive, and so nice. It's our first baby so I would really just like someone who I feel comfortable asking silly questions, and she is so easy to talk to. Big fan.

We went in for our 20 week check up this last Monday July 15. Coco was kicking so much when Dr. Kipa was trying to listen to the heartbeat that she had to recount a couple different times! We were all in stitches listening to this little baby roll around. Clean bill of health for everyone! Hooray