Bingham Family Photos

My sweet friend Ilea is due with her second baby boy this month! I can't believe that just a little while ago we were both expecting our first! Ilea is one of the only other mom friends I have who had a boy first, and little Thatcher and Connor couldn't be physically more different. Although, I think both boys have the sweetest dispositions, and Ilea and I definitely bonded over having little ones who didn't like to take naps ;) Thatcher is just a few months older than Connor and Baby #2 will be just a month or so older than Braden (we didn't plan it this way!) Pretty crazy.

Ilea asked me to take a few shots of her sweet family before Baby #2 showed up. I have never shot family photos before & only dabble in photography. It was a good learning experience for sure. Mid-day sun is not easy to work with I tell ya! But I think we captured a few sweet memories for them. And I know we all enjoyed the post-photoshoot donuts, and each others company, of course. Can't wait to meet Baby Boy #2!!