Connor 18 Month Photoshoot

Just a little while ago we passed Connor's half birthday. I only know this because Dave is a math guy and pointed it out to me one night. 18 months old...we're getting closer and closer to the point where you stop telling people your child's age in months and switch over to years. How did this happen so fast?? Braden is just a few months away from joining us and Connor is within potty training range. WHAT?! How?!

Well when Dave reminded me that Connor was just 6 months away from turning two it hit me that we needed to get a portrait done of him SOON. I have always had this vision of a hallway lined with black and white photos taken of all our babies at around the same age. I had originally planned on doing these closer to the one year mark...but I'm glad that it sort of slipped by us. 18 months and he still has baby features but is really starting to look like what he's going to grow into. His little unique personality is really starting to shine through and I feel like we were able to capture so much of him in these photos that would have been much harder to do with a one year old.

Thankfully my sweet friend Leslie from Leslie Peter Photography who lives just down the street from us does BEAUTIFUL family photos, so we set up a time to get some portraits done. They turned out amazing! I love them :) Connor is kind of an anxious guy sometimes so he was a little overwhelmed by the camera at first, but got really comfortable quickly, and Leslie was so patient with him. It was a lot of fun.

I'm pretty excited to have started this tradition so successfully. Now off to order some prints!