Connor's First Birthday Party

Tis the season of all the parties!! We kick things off early November 6th with Dave's birthday and then straight into our anniversary November 10th, then Thanksgiving, then the Christmas concert (which we only attend but have to prepare for), Connor's birthday, and finally Christmas and New Years. Throw in the handful of close friends we have that happen to also have early December birthdays and you can imagine that we're busy. So although I felt like the week leading up to Connor's birthday party was a little bit crazy!

Since he's a Christmas baby, I wanted to use the Christmas decorations that we already had up to supplement his party decor. So I ended up going with a sort of spin on the little prince theme. By that I mean I made a bunch of little kid crowns and used sparkly paper everywhere. It was fun! We were amazed at how many of our friends (and Connor's) were able to join us. It made it extra special that so many people showed up to love on Connor-man and his first birthday!!

We celebrated with little kids running around everywhere in prince and princess crowns. Connor received SO MANY GIFTS. We definitely needed a refresh on toys and books so I'm a very happy momma. Connor played all day with his new toys and was way more occupied than normal. Nice for me - I could actually get some chores done! Connor also got to try Funfetti cake for the first time. He was pretty into it. Best part was his two buddies who are closest to him in age joined in the cake eating too! Just walked right up to the high chair and grabbed a handful of smash cake Ilea & Julia were pregnant with Thatcher and Kennedy at the same time that I was pregnant with Connor. They're all about a month apart with Thatcher being the oldest, Kennedy in the middle, and Connor being the youngest. They're cute friends together. It is also funny that unlike all the photos you see of kids eating cake on their birthday, Connor did not smash the cake all over himself. In fact, he slowly and deliberately ate little pinches of frosting. I barely had to clean him up afterwards.

We forgot to sing happy birthday until sweet little Maisey asked if she could start the song. Obviously I have not done this before...normally you would sing as you bring the cake out right? Face palm. Oh well he doesn't know the difference, right? It really was such a good time. We still can't get over how many people joined us to celebrate his first birthday.

My Aunt Paige & Uncle Alan even drove all the way from Port Townsend to join us! I've talked about Aunt Paige before on this blog and I pretty much always credit her largely for my love of crafts (although my immediate family is pretty crafty too! Looking at you mom and dad!). She had an ulterior motive for coming out - CHRISTMAS VILLAGE! Oh my gosh you childhood dream has come true. This is a story for another post though! Get hyped. Christmas village post coming soon!

THANK YOU to everyone who came and everyone who brought gifts. The joy of your company made the night extra special. Love you all.