Michigan Vacation II

I love vacation. One of my goals this vacation was to actually get a little bit of a tan (success!!) One of my other goals was to not get a sunburn (bigger success!) We are having so much fun just relaxing with the family. Considering I have only been to Michigan once, and Dave has only been back home twice in the last four years, this was a much needed trip.

With Linda only working mornings Tuesday through Wednesday and Bruce taking Fridays off while we're in town, we've been getting to have so much great quality time with them. They are loving all the time with Connor of course! And we are loving getting to sleep in an extra couple hours every morning while the grandparents entertain Connor. Score!

This last week has been super relaxed. We enjoyed a lot of sun bathing in the pool, barbecuing delicious food, exploring the beautiful Frederik Meijer Gardens just down the street, and taking long evening walks in the neighborhood. We even made a special trip to Grand Haven on Friday where Connor got to experience Lake Michigan for the first time. He was definitely impressed.

It was a week of moving for the rest of the Retterath clan as Luke & Greta finalized their move to Ann Arbor and are right now relaxing in their new place (which we get to go check out tomorrow!!) While at the same time Zach and Kara have the keys to their first place and are slaving away trying to prep and paint their whole place before they start moving in!

Next week we are hoping for more sunshine and lazy days. Also the boys have their bachelor party and the sisters (and sister-in-laws) are taking Kara out for a sister-bachelorette since the official bachelorette in two weeks conflicts with work/school schedules. We also get to hang out with some of Dave's good friends from high school and BBQ with them :) Should be a good time!