Michigan Vacation III

What a week! It's crazy how a week can be both extremely full and extremely low-key at the same time. We've spent a lot of time relaxing inside (since apparently we brought the Washington weather with us! booo!). Zach and Kara have been ridiculously busy trying to clean, paint, and furnish their apartment this week before the Bachelor party on Saturday; Luke and Greta have been finalizing their move from Kalamazoo to Ann Arbor and just closed the sale on their first home; Bruce and Linda have been working; Lindsey has been studying away for med school; and then there's Dave, Connor, and I just sleeping in and watching Connor learn to crawl.

Yes, Connor can crawl...it's more of an army-crawl-scooting sort of thing, but we have to watch him constantly now and put up a makeshift gate in front of the staircase. His favorite thing to do is play with the heat vents on the wall and the door stops. He also makes a beeline for the stairs whenever he is given the opportunity.  The best part? He entertains himself so much easier now, and wears himself out way more which makes nap time a lot less of a battle. Hooray!

We got to see Luke and Greta's new digs in Ann Arbor (just a few minutes away from the Michigan Big House). It is the sweetest neighborhood and their house is beautiful. We celebrated Luke's birthday by eating cake and helping get them unpack and organize a few things. Ann Arbor is a beautiful town. The best part was hearing how happy they both seemed to be to be moving there!

Later that week Dave's good friend from high school Adam threw a fun get together at Dave and Lexi's home and invited a ton of Dave's friends from the neighborhood. It was so fun to catch up with everyone and see Dave and Lexi's beautiful new home. We hadn't seen them since Dave officiated their wedding back when we were engaged! Connor got to meet some future friends as well if you know what I mean! Last time I met everyone was when we visited Michigan as an engaged couple and it was so overwhelming. So many names, so many faces. This time around it felt a lot more like seeing old friends of mine! Crazy how just over a year of marriage you get to know so much about each other and the people that are important to you.

With the end of the week came preparations for the bachelor/bachelorette parties! Luke an Greta drove from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids to stay with us the night before the festivities. The next morning the boys went out to load up on snacks and other supplies while Greta, Linda, and I ran to the mall to pick out some gifts for Kara (actually Linda went to Banana Republic while Greta and I shopped for Kara). The boys headed out around noon to play Can Jam in the park by Zach and Kara's place while the girls started to get ready. The boys got dropped off for dinner at Grand Rapids Brewing before heading over to Founders to finish out their night of festivities. Thankfully Connor decided to be a sleeping champion that night and passed out right on time for me to head over to Greenwell Gastro Pub to meet up with the girls for dinner. The mac and cheese was to die for. Lindsey joined us after dinner and we headed over to Donkey for a pitcher of margaritas and the most delicious churros ever. After getting eaten alive by mosquitoes we gave up on relaxing (read: freezing) outdoors and retreated across the street to Winchester. It was a super fun location, and our server Keith ("I feel like you can't say the name Keith without a lisp" -Kara) was a total riot. Unfortunately the super dark lighting got us yawning and bleary eyed so we barely lasted an hour before calling it a night.

Sorry, I only took a few photos this week and I don't even know what event they're from! Thankfully Bruce took some fun ones of Connor and Greta got a great shot of the brothers before the Bachelor party. Love that photo so much! Until next time...

The wedding countdown begins! T-minus 12 days!!!