Michigan Vacation IV

OK I am seriously drawing a blank on what all we got up to this last week. Everything has been a bit of a whirlwind of wedding prep! The house and been slowly filling up with gifts and people and food all week long. Linda is one of the most impressive hostesses ever. Definitely been taking notes.

Things that I know we did:Lounge around the pool (because it was FINALLY sunny again in Michigan in late July...step up your game MI).*

  • Go to CostCo to buy ALL THE FOOD and wedding gifts.
  • Hang out at Roses by Reeds Lake (restaurant next door to Zach and Kara's new place).
  • Check out Zach and Kara's awesome new place.
  • Walk around Mangiamo's Restaurant where Zach and Kara's outdoor ceremony would be held (it's perfect).
  • Help gather last minute wedding necessities.
  • Make Connor's suspender and bow tie sets for the wedding and rehearsal dinner.
  • Late night pizza with Luke, Greta, Kara, and Zach the night before the rehearsal dinner.

*I only make fun of the Grand Rapids weather because I seriously spent months mentally preparing myself for the heat wave because I was NOT mentally prepared last time we came to Grand Rapids and I was rocked by the hot and humid weather. So of course this time around it was super mild (and actually cloudy and rainy for two of the four + weeks we were there). ALSO it was seriously beautiful 80+ degree weather in Washington while we were getting rain in Michigan...c'mon!