Port Orchard Trip

Well we are back in the great Pacific Northwest! It's been wonderful to be home, although we do miss those mornings of sleeping in while Connor plays with the grandparents!

It's been a super eventful month back. We finally got around to taking my parents (+ Jon) out to Herb Farm. This was supposed to be our 'thank you for paying for our beautiful wedding' gift...it just got delayed by quite a bit since we got pregnant 3 months into our marriage! Well this way Jon got to tag along so we could celebrate his graduation (again!) from WSU. I love having Jon back on the west side of the state again. The gangs all here! Bonus: Casey and Nancy got to babysit Connor and he slept 8 hours straight that night. What a champ. Good times were had by all.

Speaking of sleep, Connor has been going through the magical 9 month sleep regression. I think we may have just turned the corner last night. He slept 11 hours straight last night. Oh sweet bliss. This is soooo much better than the waking up every 2 hours business that he was trying to pull earlier this week. He also has 6 teeth now, for those of you keeping track! 2 on the bottom and 4 on top. He no longer is allowed to gnaw on fingers...ouch!

This last weekend we got to go on a fun adventure over to Port Orchard, WA to visit good friends from church. We love this family. They used to be in our community group at church until Guy was given a new position at the Fire Station over there which allowed him to stop community from Sammamish to Port Orchard (wow!) and move his family over. While we miss them loads, they have quite the sweet setup over there and now we have a great excuse to go visit! We were able to kick back and relax in their beautiful mother-in-law suite above their garage and spend some great quality time with them while exploring Port Orchard.

We made it back just in time Saturday night to get a good night's sleep before getting our house ready for mom's birthday! The festivities including eating delicious food and drinking wine while watching the football game. The 49ers are looking scary (again) this year. Here's hoping the Seahawks can hold onto their title!!

While running around doing all of these other fun activities, I have started getting this blog in ship-shape to be able to support a little portfolio for my own graphic design work. Recently I started partnering with my mom who does database work for a variety of private clients. Getting paid to do something that I love and put skills learned in my college degree to work sounds pretty good to me! You can check it out here. Please don't judge, it's not fully completed yet!

Also if you've been keeping up with the news on our church you know we're going through some rough times as a congregation. We would love your prayers and good thoughts coming our way as we work through what to do as a family with the new information.