The Boy's Room

Life as a(n almost) family of four has got us pretty busy! We've been blessed so far with two very healthy little ones. In fact, this pregnancy has definitely been a lot easier on me than Connor's. I assume is because my body has given up all hope of retaining any semblance of abdominal strength until after we're done having babies. I guess there's just less changes the second time around. I'm certainly not complaining! Still no signs of preecclampsia, so thanks to those of you who have been praying for us. Let's keep it that way, right?

Connor is just the sweetest little 18 month old ever. It was his half birthday last Friday, and both Dave and I still can't believe how quickly he is approaching 2 years old. Make it stop! He is the sweetest little boy. He loves running around outside, playing with the hose while I water the plants and throwing rocks. He's surprisingly gentle and sensitive when playing with us or other children. He LOVES other kids, he has become incredibly social the last few months and can't wait to get dropped off in nursery at church or for our Missional Community meetings so he can run around with other little ones. He loves chatting with the cashiers in the grocery store and chasing random kids at the park. He'll shove watermelon and strawberries in his mouth until he almost chokes. He also really enjoys bacon and has tried (unsuccessfully) to take a swig of Dave's beer at dinner a couple different times when we weren't watching closely enough! He keeps us in stitches. We can't believe we got so lucky. It's hard to imagine our hearts could be any fuller, but we know Braden will only make us even sappier. Only 94 days to due date!!

Dave is still happily employed as a software engineer at Microsoft and I am still thoroughly enjoying my role as a stay at home mom/very part time graphic designer. We still absolutely love living in Sammamish, and this beautiful summer weather we've been having the last two weeks has only got us more convinced that this is the place we're meant to be. We have made a couple trips recently: one out to the coast of Washington for a friend's birthday, and a quick flight down to California for another friend's wedding. We now know what it's like to travel with a's exhausting!

I've been using my spare time (aka: nap time) to transform Connor's room into a shared kids bedroom. I started to change everything over to slightly more gender neutral before we found out we were having Braden, so his room looks a little different than it did before. We're definitely putting off getting a toddler bed for Connor until Braden graduates officially out of our room and into their shared room. I am so not ready to offer him the freedom of getting up whenever he wants yet! I also have been decorating the little nook in our bedroom which will be Braden's "room" for the first three or so months of his life. Nesting!! I can't stop! If you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram, I'm sure you've seen some of the projects I've been doing. Some people asked how I did them...

Cardboard Deer's Head Template + Tutorial I used*

Totoro Dolls Template + Tutorial I used

Cloud Mobile Template + Tutorial I used

*I had to blow up the template for the Deer's Head quite a bit to make it big enough, the one linked fits on an 8.5x11" piece of paper so will be palm sized.

I also have been absolutely obsessed with macramé and yarn pom poms lately. If you follow me on Pinterestyou can find most of the tutorials I used to teach myself how to make things like the wall hangings and thesucculent container. The pom poms are incredibly easy if you have this nifty tool to help you make them. Hours of mindless craft fun you can do while marathoning Friends on Netflix...

Thanks for reading! Sending our love your way - Dave, Leanna, Connor, & Braden