Washington Bound

So Bruce and Linda convinced us to stay one more day so that we could all recover from the wedding and enjoy some more time with the extended family that was in town. Great decision. It was pool day. I love pool days. Floating in the pool with a glass of wine and my fellow sister in law was heavenly. The kiddos also had some fun pool time. These are all Dave's cousin's kids...which makes them second cousins once removed? I have no idea, but we're related somehow! It was a great time with great food and great company. Luke, Greta, Lindsey, Dave, and I played Dominion until turning in for the night.

Goodbyes in the morning were sad. It was such a huge blessing to get to spend so much time with Dave's family. The month we spent in Michigan more than doubled the cumulative amount of time I had ever spent with his immediate family. It was wonderful. Bruce and Linda are great hosts and a joy to be around. It was especially great to come away from the trip really feeling like I built real friendships with all of Dave's siblings/in-laws/parents. They are some of the most important relationships I have, so it was so great to really be able to invest in them for the first time.

The trip home was a whirlwind. We did Grand Rapids, Michigan to Fargo, North Dakota the first day; Fargo, North Dakota to Bozeman, Montana the second day; and Bozeman, Montana to Sammamish, Washington the third day. Unfortunately it was a slightly more difficult trip for Connor since both he and I caught a bit of a nasty cold the day that we left. So he and I both were a bit cranky and uncomfortable on the drive home but we survived!!

We sure do miss our family in Michigan, but it is good to be home!!