Braden | 3 Months

I can't believe it's almost Christmas and Braden is already well into his third month of life. How did time pass so quickly? It's amazing how crazy the holidays are and how busy we feel now that there are two little boys in our family. We just had the last of our guests leave Monday morning after a sprinkling of Retterath visits throughout the last couple months (which were all wonderful of course!). Lindsey used one of her weeks off during her residency to visit, then Bruce and Linda spent a week with us to finally get some well-deserved grandbaby time, and finally Luke and Greta took a long weekend to come see us. We're so lucky that we have family that is able to travel to see us - we know between paying for flight tickets and finding the time off it can be hard to make trips happen!

So far Braden's first three months of life are so different than Connor's. Connor didn't get a real headcold until after his first birthday - Braden is just getting over his. Connor didn't go through sleep training until at least 6 months old, Braden has been sleep trained since basically week two. Connor was our stoic, sweet, cuddly guy who always wanted to be held, while Braden is full of giggles and gurlges, and always wants to be he can look around (don't try to cuddle him, he'll push away! He's got things to do it seems...)

I took these photos because I have these moments where I think "they are so crazy similar" and in the same moment see all the differences. I wanted to compare these photos to the ones I took of Connor close to his 4 month birthday. I figured I should take advantage of the fact that the boys were tag-teaming naps and Braden was in such a good mood while Connor was sleeping. So although I still dream of a day when they both nap at the same time - I did get some super sweet photos of our little boy out of it! Looking forward to our first Christmas as a family of four!! Our hearts are so full.