Christmas 2015

This Christmas we celebrated in Washington with my family!! Christmas in Seattle is pretty much never snowy, but it was actually a really beautiful out. Nana flew all the way up from Arizona so it was wonderful to see her and have her meet Braden. We did a south-western themed Christmas Eve dinner :) Mom asked me to help set the table so I got to put stuff together on the fly for the table settings! I think it turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself haha. I especially love the Christmas cactus with its makeshift ornaments.

We kept up our tradition giving Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve, and everyone slept well even though 6/8 of us had head colds! Connor LOVED opening his presents - especially his life-sized Olaf from Uncle Jon, which brings our tally of Olafs up to FOUR (all different sizes too). He is sleeping with this one right now though so I think we have a winner. We feel so spoiled by my family and so blessed to have them living so close. If only the Retterath side lived closer! Guess we'll just have to visit next Christmas!! Merry Christmas