It's crazy how fast time has gone these past 8 months. Braden mastered crawling about a week ago and has been non-stop on the move ever since. He is a bit of a wild one. We are quickly realizing the baby-proofing needs to start now before he decides it's a good idea to go crawling down the stairs! He also has his two bottom middle teeth, making his once gummy smile, even funnier :) His sweet disposition is even better now that he's mobile. 

His good mood has been made even better by finally figuring out what all he is a allergic to. We were able to take him to the allergist (while my mom watched Connor. Super grateful for that!). He was a champ and didn't even seem to mind the prick test. Turns out he is allergic to milk (different than lactose intolerance) AND eggs. Which brings us to a grand total of: no dairy, no nuts, no raw legumes, no chick peas, no sesame, and no eggs. Connor still can drink whole milk and eat cheese...because as a toddler we are desperate for him to eat a decent meal so we aren't changing his diet. However, we decided to try out paleo back when Braden was born and have been loving it...but Paleo sort of does a lot of eggs. Also did you know eggs are in everything? Even store bought sushi??

So anyways it's been an interesting week while I figure out how to adjust my diet yet again. Especially since we try to avoid too much starch in our diets. I've been eating a lot of bacon though, so I've got that going for me, which is nice :) Also, as you'll see in these photos, Braden's skin is the clearest it has ever been since I fully cut out eggs and dairy. I was NEVER able to put either boys in shorts because they would just claw themselves bloody. Turns out dietary allergies can make you itchy :) 

Hope ya'll are enjoying the sun! It's 88 today :)