I swear it was just yesterday that Braden was born. How did a year go by so quickly?! This little boy Braden is such a huge part of our lives that it's hard to imagine what it was like before him.

His personality adds so much to our little family. He and Connor can be so different and yet so similar. Brothers are such a fun relationship, I love watching them become friends. While Connor still struggles to share and sometimes tries to "parent" Braden, they love each other so fiercely already it makes my heart burst.

Braden is my little cuddle bug. He is always climbing into my lap, up Dave's legs, or on top of his big brother. At the same time he is my little independent boy - constantly exploring and trying new things all on his own...which means we have had to step up our childproofing to a whole new level. He is also surprisingly tough. How he manages to giggle at every play-tackle Connor hits him with blows my mind. These two boys love to wrestle and it seriously cracks me up. This kid is also becoming quite the little eater...he often eats as much as Connor at any given meal (but unfortunately Connor is a bit of a picky eater like his Mama, so it's not much of a challenge to keep up with him haha). 

He is perfectly, uniquely Braden. We are so indescribably grateful for him in our lives. We love you so much little-B. Happy first birthday baby boy!! Don't go growing up to fast - I don't think my heart can take it ;)