I've been seeing this #stayinyourlane hashtag around the mommyverse a lot lately. It's a concept that I have struggled with and still struggle with sometimes. It's hard to look at photos on Instagram all day of everyone's perfect meals, perfectly dressed kids and perfectly done makeup and not feel inadequate. And I say this knowing full well that my own social media accounts probably aren't helping. In fact, since starting my Etsy shop I've had multiple people tell me they can't believe I'm finding the time to do "everything".

So I just wanted to take a moment to be honest. The photo above probably looks like a perfect little sunshiny outing that I pull off flawlessly everyday 😏 hours before this was taken I was 30 minutes late to Braden's 1 year doctors appointment because I went to the wrong location even though they send me like an email a day updating on when they'll be moving into their new building. Then my toddler screamed on the floor of the garage for like 10 minutes because we had to come home and give B a nap instead of going straight to the tea party (where this picture was taken). Then I squeezed into that cute dress which only still fits after 2 babies because I literally can't eat anything because they're allergic to everything. We made it to the tea party super late and I put Connor in shoes that were too small so he had to borrow glittery shoes from Kennedy. Then on the way home Braden threw up all over himself and his car seat, so, while in heels, pulled over on the side of the road, I had to try to mop him up with a blanket while my toddler cried because we couldn't go to McDonalds. Did I mention this day was probably the first day I had showered in like a week? You can tell because my hair isn't in a ratty messy bun like most days 😅

I usually don't share these sorts of things on social media because I feel like a lot of these experiences aren't exclusively "mine" to share, because they often involve my children being crazy and I don't want to embarrass them. But I know that I've been encouraged by other moms being honest about what their life looks like outside of perfectly posed IG photos. So I'd thought I'd take a moment to be honest that I'm there too. Life is crazy. Every season is going to have you thinking "the grass is greener" and wishing you had the giftings or lifestyles of others. I know I have those moments. But I think we can encourage each other to not only #stayinyourlane and see the good in whatever stage of life you're in, or whatever set of giftings you have - but to also build each other up in those things. I only first considered starting this Etsy shop because another mom friend of mine emphatically told me "you can do this". I think we should do this more as women; encouraging one another in our talents and lives rather than being jealous.

I say all this as someone who has these moments all the time - just in case you're still fooled by my social media that my life is perfect. And if you really want to see our real life - you can follow me on snapchat, where my children's crazy, and my greasy messy bun reign supreme 😂