I DID IT!! I got my first set of Holiday stuff up on the shop while still pushing through new orders. Phew. Oh my goodness that was harder than I expected. I will definitely be starting stuff for Christmas like...now, because I need to give myself waaaay more time for the next holiday than I did for this one! But hey it's my first holiday on Etsy...it was a great learning experience 😅  

Fall and Winter might be my favorite season(s)...in Seattle they're basically one season 😉 . I love the holidays, I love the crisp air, and I love being able to wear layers and boots. You can tell I grew up in the PNW because I just don't feel like myself unless I have my raincoat and my boots on 😊 

Hope you love the fall stuff we've got up on the shop. Feel free to send in some suggestions! Also check out Beijo Events in the coming weeks, I got the chance to collaborate with them on their Halloween Cookie Party decor 🙌🏻 




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