Glitter Party Hats

I made these little party hats for my son's second birthday back in December. Connor has always been our shy guy so this birthday party ended up being just the 7 of us (my parents and brother, and the four of us). Also Connor's birthday kicks off the world of holiday parties and trying to coordinate schedules was just way too complicated this time around! He didn't mind. I think he preferred the small party :)

I love how these little hats turned out! They're super fun and simple but they take a little bit of patience. You can print the template (every number 1-9 is available in this template). Simply feed your choice of construction paper into your printer and you're off to the races!



Gather your supplies! I remembered part way through demoing this that I actually used my elmers glue straight out of the nozzle rather than a paint brush and glitter glue. If you tighten the cap down quite a bit the flow is easy to control and you can almost paint with it.

Print your party hat templates out on different colored construction paper (template linked above)

download (1).jpeg

Cut out your party hats.

Cut along the slits on either side of the tab and INSIDE along the slit. Cutting the slit is a little tricky if you don't have really sharp scissors. You can also use an exact knife.

Prepare to find gold glitter all over your house for the rest of eternity.

Paint generously inside your number going as close to the edges as you can get. You will see the cardboard buckle a little bit from the wetness of the paint, but it's okay - once you glue the hat together the rounded paper will stretch and you won't notice the buckling anymore.

That was a chore. Definitely use the elmers glue trick instead. Much easier/faster.

I absolutely love this glitter.

Dump the glitter out on top of your glue (it pours really fast - I only had one opening open). 

download (8).jpeg

Make sure the glue is completely covered with a very thick layer of glitter

Gently pat your glitter on top of the glue - DO NOT twist your fingers or you'll smudge your glue outside of your lines. If the glitter layer is thick enough you won't get any glue on your hands.

Dump your glitter onto a spare piece of paper.

Fold your paper and funnel back all excess glitter into your glitter container. This stuff is expensive yo.

Let your glue dry (work on your other hats while you wait). 

Pull the tab through the slit you cut earlier in the hat to secure it in place. The photo I took of me doing that turned out really overexposed for some weird reason. MAKE SURE TO TAPE THE INSIDE. If these hats are going to be worn by children they will not last if you only rely on the tab.

Use your mini hole punch to punch a hole on opposite sides of the hat for you to string your elastic through (I was out of elastic when I took these photos, but I'm sure you get the idea).

Dab hot glue onto your pom pom.

Stick pom pom on top of hat.