If you didn't know/hadn't guessed already, we're pregnant! Again! It's a boy! Again! We just got the good news this morning that another sweet, healthy boy will be joining our family sometime in early June. We're all so excited. Connor has been carrying around one of baby boy's ultrasound photos all morning since our appointment and talking about how he has to "grow big like dada" before he can "come out of mama's tummy". Yeah, no 6'3" babies please. Oh toddlers.

You're probably piecing things together if you hadn't already: buying a bigger house, MIL visiting for 2 weeks, the Etsy shop being in vacation mode for a couple months. Yes, we did decided to finally sell our house and find a larger home when we found out we were pregnant. Yes, I shut the shop down because morning sickness and running a business is no fun. Yes, my MIL came and took care of us for two weeks during the height of my morning sickness. Yes, we did sell, buy, and move all during my first trimester....something I do not recommend, FYI. Wanting to puke while packing boxes was not my favorite experience. Thankfully it all worked out so perfectly and we are feeling so settled and content now! 

We couldn't be more excited to have another little boy joining our family. While we of course wondered if this time around we would get a little girl, we love our wild boys and are excited to soon have THREE! Raising boys has been such a privilege. They're challenging, and busy, and messy, and so good for my heart. Something I reflect on a lot after a long, exhausting day is how these little boys will have such an impact on their word one day. These little boys will someday be someone's partner; someone's friend; someone's coworker. To be able to raise sweet, smart, loving, strong young men and then send them out into the world is such a huge responsibility. We need more men and women like that in our world and as parents its such a great aspiration to raise loving children.

So if you're a mom of three (or more) boys, please send me all your insider tricks and tips. And prayers. Please everyone send us good vibes and prayers. I'm sure we'll need a lot of that as we officially transition to being a family of three!

Now to pick out a name :)


Leanna Retterath