This Christmas we flew to Michigan for two weeks to spend the holidays with Dave's family. It was such a great time spent with family. The boys were incredibly spoiled by all their Aunts and Uncles and of course by Grandma and Grandpa. It was in the low teens temperature-wise for the first week, so although it was a winter wonderland, we didn't do too much outside until it warmed up a bit the second week. However Connor and Braden absolutely loved sledding and playing in the snow. We celebrated Christmas a week early since Lindsey was in town from Arizona that weekend, which was a huge treat. Dave and I also had our first "long distance" overnight in a long time when we drove down to Ann Arbor and spent the night at Luke & Greta's who showed us around town and treated us to an amazing dinner. The boys did great on both flights to and from Grand Rapids, even with the nasty head colds that they came down with towards the end of the trip. It was definitely a merry Christmas!!

Leanna Retterath