We're back! I promised a little update on the shop when I got some time and so here I am - during nap time and in between house projects/Etsy orders trying to form coherent thoughts.

Some of you know already that closing the shop during the first trimester was a tough decision. We were finally gaining what felt like some really nice momentum, I was filling around two orders a day, and it was super fun to have such a great creative outlet (and the extra cash was nice too). Closing the shop sort of felt like a defeat.

Unfortunately it just wasn't realistic to keep it open. In the moments when I wasn't completely exhausted/nauseous I was chasing the boys or trying to keep our house from being a complete disaster (while also trying to sell it/pack it/unpack it). Thankfully Dave's mom came out for a few weeks to help, but it was still really tough. I honestly barely remember those few weeks.

I wasn't sure when I would re-open the shop at first. It was scary to open the shop to begin with and it felt like I had to start all over again. I also struggled with comparison and insecurity. Other moms work their corporate jobs through the first trimester, other stay at home moms keep their Etsy shops open while juggling taking care of their children and their home while pregnant, other moms can do so much more.


I really love running my little shop. It's a lot of fun and it brings me a lot of joy. I don't want to let comparison keep me from that joy. My goal has never been to be an Etsy mogul or make a ton of money. It's about using my gifts and having fun. So I'm starting up the shop again, even though in a few months I'll probably have to shut it down temporarily again while we adjust to being a family of 5. 

I'm excited for the future of the shop, instead of anxious. Baby boy #3 will change things and we'll adjust. The shop will still be there and I can pick it back up again whenever we're ready. So if you're looking to order something off the shop or want something custom let me know! I'd love to make something for you.