Braden-boy is 18 months old (as of like 3 weeks ago, whoops), and I still can't believe it!! How has time gone by so fast?! We started a tradition of having professional photos taken on the kids' 18 month "birthday"...because I kept forgetting to schedule a photoshoot with Connor for his one year birthday until he was already 18 months now all the other kids get to have theirs at that age ;) It works out pretty well though! 18 months is such a fun age!

Braden is so full of personality. We are loving watching him and Connor grow in their friendship together. He is such a happy, independent, busy guy. His favorite speed is running/ramming speed and is constantly exploring (aka getting himself into trouble). Our baby-proofing was definitely revamped with this child. He has a handful of words right now which include Mama, Dada, what we think is an attempt at Connor (which just also sounds like Dada), Yeah, Nuh Uh, and his favorite: Uh Oh. He is absolutely obsessed with his blankie - like I have to be really sneaky to be able to wash it level of attached. He also loves to throw and kick every sports ball he can get his hands on. I think my favorite memory of this age that I want to remember is how most mornings Connor gets up and sits outside his crib throwing different toys into Braden while they laugh uncontrollably at each other for like 30 minutes. That, and how much Braden loves lying in Connor's bed after bedtime stories and hugging his blankie next to his big brother. They call it their "sleep overs". Its heart melting. Also Braden gave Connor a wet willy this morning. That was hilarious.

My sweet friend Leslie of Leslie Peter Photography took these fun family photos for us. It's such a huge blessing to have regular family photos that we can look back on. The years seem to be going by faster and faster and I just can't seem to capture all the memories myself!