Now that I'm quite obviously showing, the first question almost everyone asks is: "boy or girl?". Followed by: "It must be so hard to come up with ANOTHER boy name". Yup, it is. Not like we haven't had a girl name picked out for like four years now. Sigh. Honestly though, we're super excited to have another little boy joining us in early June, I think I would probably be more anxious about a girl now that I've gotten so used to boy-mom life. But hey, we finally have settled on a name!

We stuck with our theme of Irish/Scottish names for the first name and threw in a fun bonus of using my maternal grandmother's maiden name. So as a little nod to my Nana-Jean, our third little boy will be Duncan. If you didn't know, Connor's middle name North is Dave's maternal grandmother's maiden name as well, so that's fun ;) We have been calling him Dune or Dunk for short. The nickname Dune is a bit of an homage to Dave's home state MI and its famous sand dunes; Dunk because of course he's gonna play basketball someday and Dave is very excited about that fact. 

For the middle name we again went with our weird, hippie theme. So Duncan's middle name will be Anchor. My Dad went to a maritime college and was in the Naval Reserves for a good junk of time, so its a small nod to him. Add in the fact that both Dave and I grew up near big bodies of water and each have many sweet memories of boating and water sports, a maritime theme just felt right. It also fit really well with Connor & Braden's middle names North and Rainier.

Dave stumbled upon the name anchor while reading the super cute kids Moby Dick book to the boys one night. When he mentioned it to me it reminded us of the Hebrews 6:19 verse: we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. Having boy number three joining us and making us a family of five with three boys all under 4 years old, I feel like we're going to need to be reminded of our security in the midst of the chaos ;)

Can't wait to meet you Duncan Anchor. I also won't complain one little bit if you decide to follow in Braden's footsteps and join us two and half weeks early. Fingers crossed!