What I Wore

So I decided to jump in the 10x10 Summer challenge hosted by Caroline of Unfancy. 10 items of clothing to last you 10 days.  It was way harder than I expected it to be. How could I have forgotten how much newborns spit up on you? I was CONSTANTLY doing laundry to follow the rules. But it was still fun to clean out my closet and put away the maternity clothes...although there only like 15 things that fit me right now anyways so sticking to just 10 items wasn't that much of a stretch ;) I personally think the postpartum stage is the most frustrating fashion-wise. You're not pregnant, but you still sort of look pregnant; most things still don't fit; and what used to be priorities like on-trend and flattering get trumped by nursing accessibility and spit-up stain resistance. Here's what I wore for the 10x10 challenge


Day One Free People Dress // I freaking love this dress. The end.

Day Two Maroon American Eagle Leggings + Black American Eagle TShirt // this is one of my go-to 'stuck-in-the-house-all-day-with-the-kids' outfit. Easy and simple...and covered in spit-up and sticky toddler fingerprints by noon. 


Day Three Forever 21 Off The Shoulder Chambray Dress //  had to run errands in hot weather so I threw on this dress which is super forgiving on a postpartum body and really comfortable. Bonus: you can nurse in it.

Day Four Gap Maternity Shorts (similar) + Black American Eagle TShirt // great house-bound outfit. Also good for sneaking in some sun on my skin while playing with the boys in the backyard.

Day Five Maroon American Eagle Leggings + Black Nordstrom Tank (similar // I love this tank, I've had it forever and it's so comfy. I've worn it when going out on dates and while doing housework. It's super versatile.

Day Six Grey J Crew Leggings + Black Nordstrom Tank (similar) // so these leggings are really comfy but if you like the super skin-tight leggings these aren't for you. These stretch out and are a tiny bit baggy. 


Day Seven Forever 21 Off The Shoulder Eyelet Top (similar) + Gap Maternity Shorts (similar) // So I don't love these shorts. They're the only shorts I can wear right now though so I'm making due. I also decided I like wearing this shirt a bit higher up on the shoulders than this picture shows.

Day Eight Embroidered American Eagle Shirt (similar) + American Eagle Skinny Jeans // So the weather changed and was cold and I didn't finish the wash in time so I cheated. Good news though: I can wear my pre-pregnancy jeans again!!

Day Nine Forever 21 Off The Shoulder Eyelet Top (similar) + Madewell Overalls // These overalls are to die for. I love how easy they are and how I actually feel semi-fashionable in something that works so well for at-home life. LOVE.


Day Ten Madewell Overalls + Embroidered American Eagle Shirt (similar) // My second favorite outfit (second to the perfect Free People Dress). I've had this shirt for a year or two and it's another fave of mine. Such a comfy, easy outfit.

So it was much harder this time around than I expected. I also accidentally had 12 items the grey dress (that I didn't wear when I realized my mistake but is in my pile of clothes at the beginning of the post), and my skinny jeans. Even with all the loads of laundry I had to do, it was still really fun...and let's be honest, with three boys under the age of four, I do laundry every day anyways ;)