The Little Things

Life with littles can make you a little bit crazy, so here are some little things that make my life with littles a little bit better ;)

This week was probably the most normal things have felt around here in months. Even more so than when I was pregnant. Pregnancy felt full of unknowns and waiting and now it finally feels like things can start back up again, like this blog! In fact, my "little things" for this post are all pieces that have made blogging a whole lot easier.


iPhone tripod and remote // I love this thing. I keep it in my purse at all times. The remote is super easy to set up and pair and the little tripod does great for taking videos of my calligraphy or watercolor...and for taking SELFIES. No more asking strangers to take your photo and hoping they don't steal your phone ;) We took this photo by setting the tripod on a recycling bin nearby haha.

Goal Digger Podcast // I have been following Jenna Kutcher for awhile on IG but hadn't listened to her podcast yet. I have to say if you're a girl boss and you want great advice on branding and social media, she is super legit. She also has a great heart and story and is just fun to listen to. Yay for free podcasts!

Snapseed App // I use this app to edit ALL of my Instagram photos. It does not have great filters but the photo editing is super easy to use and it has tons of features like alignment and skew, as well as some basic options like selective/area editing and heal stamp. It's never going to beat a fancy camera with photoshop, but it has taken my picture game to a whole new level.

UNUM App // This app lets me organize my photos before I post them to IG. It also lets me save hashtags so I don't have to retype them and remember them every single time I go to make a post. My favorite part is that I know what my feed will look like before I post a photo. It keeps things so much better organized, and lets me create content when I have time and hit go later.

iPencil Sleeve and Charging Tethers // This sleeve is just like those goofy pencil grips from middle school and I love it. I do a lot of lettering on my iPad so a comfortable grip makes a huge difference. The tethers are also super awesome because between my toddlers and my mom brain I'm misplacing things constantly. The tiny charging adapter and cap on the pencil would have probably been lost (or eaten) in the first month if it weren't for these things.

Here's hoping these little things help make life with your littles a little better!