Dairy-free, Egg-free Box Cake Mix!


I love to bake but I rarely have time to make a cake from scratch. Most of my baking these days is done during naptime or once the kids are in bed...which isn't a whole lot of time to baby a recipe! So I used to use box mix but stopped when Braden was born because so many mixes contain milk. I tried a couple scratch cakes with tons of substitutions but they all fell super flat.

Well I was at our local grocery store the other day and decided to check all the box mixes because Braden's birthday is coming up...and low and behold Duncan Hines box mix doesn't contain eggs or dairy!!! The recipe calls for eggs, water, and oil so I figured I'd give my applesauce substitute a try. 1 egg = .25 cup applesauce. 

I went for cupcakes first and here's what I found: the applesauce makes the mix MUCH wetter. The cupcakes called for 18-21 minutes and I ended up pulling them at almost 30 minutes. I did the toothpick test and they came out clean but the bottom of the cupcakes were not firmed up at all. So I went ahead and frosted them with the pilsbury canned frosting (hopefully someday I'll have time to make scratch frosting again) . At least since there's no egg I figured I didn't have to worry about them being a little under. 

You know what? They tasted great. Once fully cooled, the bases firmed up and they were a great texture.  I'm hoping to make a cake soon with the same recipe to see what the cook time will be there, but I'm definitely going to be using this for Braden's birthday and I'm so excited! He'll get a REAL cake for his birthday that actually tastes good. Parenting kids with allergies is tough but little victories like this makes it so much easier. 

Do you have a favorite allergen free cake recipe? I'd love to hear it!