What I Wore

Most mornings I stand in front of my closet trying to convince myself that I should change out of my pajamas. Being a stay at home mom to very small children means my clothes get put through the ringer. I'm a tissue, a burp cloth, a wrestle buddy, a chef, a house cleaner, and a gardener at any given moment of the day. My clothes are usually practical more than stylish. So Sunday's are special because I get to wear outfits that I never can (or should) wear around the house. This dress is a fave. Wrap dresses are probably my most flattering silhouette (pre and post babies) and bonus: they're easy to nurse in.

Also, I LOVE this purse. It's actually our diaper bag. In my opinion a really big, strong, cute purse is way more versatile. Don't make the mistake I did and get a giant boldly patterned diaper bag that screams DIAPER BAG. It's fun at first and gets old real quick. This is the Madewell tote and it is my FAVORITE accessory of all time. I seriously didn't know you could feel such deep emotions for a purse until I bought this one ;) 

Any other mom fashion tips I should know about? I think the purse as a diaper bag is my favorite trick I've learned after having three kids!