Etsy Shop Update

Custom wedding sign for Raelyn - DM if you want one

Custom wedding sign for Raelyn - DM if you want one

So around a year and a half ago I opened my Etsy Shop for the first time. When we got pregnant with Duncan I took some time off because we were selling our house/moving into our new house (and cause first trimester seriously sucks). Even through that crazy season I loved running my Etsy shop. I even thought (for all of two seconds) that maybe I didn't need to shut down the shop in the weeks leading up to Duncan's birth if I had enough back stock inventory ready to go. 

It wasn't until I actually took time off during this postpartum season that I started to think about what it would look like if I didn't go back to the Etsy shop. Truth be told I wasn't loving my product. I realized that I was most excited when I was collaborating with other designers for special events like weddings and birthday parties, not making the same "have courage, be kind" quote banner for the millionth time. So after bouncing a million ideas off of Dave for what I should do when I go back to the Etsy shop, we both came to the conclusion that maybe I just don't go back. For now the Etsy shop is closed indefinitely. I don't know what the future holds for the shop, but it was perfect for me in that season and I'm so glad I gave it a try.

What I WILL be doing is blogging regularly, taking custom requests for projects, and increasing my volunteer time at our church. If you didn't know, I currently volunteer my graphic design skills to our church and am planning on jumping in to help with events. My first job out of college was actually event planning for our church with a couple wedding planning/coordinating gigs on the side, so I'm super excited to get back at it. 

So if you have something in mind that you'd like me to make for you, or if you see a DIY project on my blog and want one, I'll still be taking custom orders so please DM me! I hope you enjoy this silly blog full of mom thoughts, vegan recipes, calligraphy, and DIY tutorials in the meantime!