The Little Things

Life with littles can make you a little bit crazy, so here are some little things that make my life with littles a little bit better ;)  

This was my first week home alone with all three boys, so anything that made the days go a little easier was like pure gold. Below are five little things that I found myself incredibly thankful for throughout my first few solo parenting days with the boys. 

Swim trunks from Target last year in a size 6-12 mo.  Similar .  

Swim trunks from Target last year in a size 6-12 mo. Similar. 

Flamingo Drink Floaties: this is the most impractical item on the list, but they make me so happy.  They've been all over my Instagram lately and the part of me that daydreams about being cool and day-drinking by the pool with these floaties (instead of watching my 1 and 3 year old run around the yard whacking each other with them) loves them. They're corny and impractical and hilarious and awesome. Also, I totally plan on using them this weekend during nap time while lounging in the kiddie pool out back. Clearly I am living the dream ;)

Costco Cold Brew Coffee: fun fact, I didn't start drinking coffee until Braden was born. Now I debate daily if a cup per child is a bad idea or not. I honestly never quite acclimated to the taste of coffee and can only drink it with creamer...but I am in love with the cold brew that Costco just started carrying. Perfect timing too since I don't know how to use Dave's new espresso machine and we put the keurig away, so if Dave doesn't make me coffee in the morning I'm SOL without the cold brew! PS: I still can only drink it with creamer, but I actually enjoy it instead of just waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

comforter cover  from Ikea, knit blanket from Pottery Barn 4 years ago.  Similar .  

comforter cover from Ikea, knit blanket from Pottery Barn 4 years ago. Similar. 

Merlin Magic Sleep Suit: we discovered this swaddle transition sleep suit with Braden and I seriously wish we had known about it with Connor.  Not only does it make your little baby look like a sumo wrestler, which is hilarious, it is also an awesome sleeper. With Braden we started using it when we wanted to transition him out of a swaddle and it worked wonders. We've actually already started using it with Duncan because we hope it will help with his gassyness.

Little Remedies Gripe Water: did I mention that Duncan is gassy? Like full blown man-farts. It's a little bit shocking actually. Connor and Braden spit up a ton but never had the gas problems like Duncan. It makes him pretty clearly uncomfortable and can make it hard for him to fall asleep. I'd never used gripe water before but figured I'd give it a try and it's worked almost instantly for him every time. He also clearly likes the taste and makes the goofiest faces while eating it.

t-shirt midi dress from Forever21.  Similar .  Similar . Onesie from carters size newborn.  

t-shirt midi dress from Forever21. Similar. Similar. Onesie from carters size newborn. 

Half-Up Top Knot: I just tried this for the first time Friday. The trend has been around for awhile but I'm always hesitant to try things I see 18 year olds doing because I don't want to look like a 'try-hard'. I'm only 28, but I do have three kids, so I'm always a little worried about getting side-eyed for my fashion choices. Not that I'm a beacon of fashion...But seriously this look was made for mom-life. Not only is my hair out of my face, but it keeps the greasiest bits hidden. Let's be honest, with three kids under the age of four, who has time to shower anyways?!

Here's hoping these little things help make life with your littles a little better!