The Little Things

Life with littles can be a little crazy, so here are some little things that make life with littles a little bit better. Cheap DIY edition!

You guys I really like things, but I really don't like spending money. It's really hard for me to buy things, especially if I feel like "hey, I could make that!" So I wanted to share a few favorite cheap options with you for home decor that I love!


Trader Joes Flowers // They always have fun fresh flowers similar to what you'd find at the farmers market at they're always such a great price! Love it! Fresh flowers do SO MUCH for making my house feel like a home. Love.

Facebook Buy Nothing Groups // The really awesome silver wine cooler that I'm using as a flower vase in this photo? Yeah Buy Nothing Group! People can be a little crazy in these groups, but sometimes you can get super lucky. Most neighborhoods have one, check it out!


Chalk Paint // So this isn't SUPER cheap but a can goes a long way. This table was $12 at Value Village. TWELVE DOLLARS. Because it had weird glass inserts and was an awful color. Little bit of paint and cutting new inserts out of scrap plywood and it's a brand new table. I LOVE it in our dinning room.


Faux Polaroid Photos // Tutorial Coming Soon! I really needed to do something temporary on this wall to help break up the big long empty entryway we've got going on. But I didn't wanna spend money. So I threw a ton of photos into a fake polaroid template and printed them on some card stock at home. I sort of killed a printer cartridge, but much much cheaper than getting a bunch of frames and prints from a professional printer!


Fresh Boxwood and Eucalyptus Wreaths // I love these. I did a tutorial here on how you can make them yourself. You can tell in these photos that they're drying out a bit so I'll probably replace them sooner or later. I'm excited to try rotating different greens and flowers into this display as the seasons change!