Woodland Creatures Felt Masks

A friend of mine started a fun little craft exchange on Insta! Everyone who signed up got partnered with another family to send a fall-themed craft project to do with their kiddos. We decided to do woodland creatures felt masks. I wanted it to be something the kids could hopefully get a lot of usage out of after the craft was finished! Craft projects were my LIFE when I was a little kid (and arguably still is my favorite pastime). So I am stoked to be apart of this little online community. It's like being pen pals! But with crafts!!

This craft is a little above my kid's pay-grade, so I did all the cutting beforehand and had them "build" the masks with me (aka look at the picture and try to solve the puzzle and then I glued it while they watched). It was the perfect length of time for two busy boys to sit and do a craft project with a very quick (and high) payoff. 

Want to do it yourself? I put together a DIY for you to follow with templates!!



  1. Cut out stencils
  2. Trace stencils onto felt
  3. Arrange pieces correctly onto mask
  4. Use spray adhesive to glue down all pieces (I put down a piece of foil because it oversprays quite a bit and gets everywhere)
  5. Add top stitching if desired
  6. Measure elastic band to fit child's head, cut, and sew
  7. Playtime!
DIYLeanna Retterath4 Comments