Home Made // Holiday Craft Party

I’ve been wanting to host a craft party for AGES. I decided to finally bite the bullet and invite a handful of neighbors over for a little holiday craft party…and then a few local ladies…and then a few not so local ladies…and eventually just basically as many ladies as I could fit in our dining room..which turns out maxes out to be 14-18!!

I always get told by friends that the DIY projects I do are so fun but nobody actually believes me when I say they’re actually really easy!! I figured these DIY trinket bowls would be a really fun starting place. They’re the same air dry clay as the cheese markers from my previous post. I pre-made the bowls because they were just going to take way too long to fully make in 3 hours.

I had four sample bowls out with simple painting techniques and a variety of paint options. The toothpick method, the watered down wash, and the paint splatter. They’re all surprisingly straight forward. I’ll post more tutorials in a separate post!

The gals provided the drinks and snacks including my sweet friend Krysten from @Lucyandlemons who brought delicious pana cotta bites and pumpkin cheesecake bites, and my friend Erica from @ericaphotography who brought the gorgeous homemade mini pumpkin pies.