Simple Baby Shower Decor

I had the pleasure of planning a baby shower for a sweet friend of mine who is expecting her third child in just a few months. The funny thing about baby number three is that a legit baby shower can feel pretty awkward. Which is why we opted for a ladies night out at the fancy restaurant down the street instead of a true baby shower. No gifts, no games, no awkward small talk. Just 10 ladies, good food, good wine, and a beautiful view of Snoqualmie Falls. The lighting in the room was pretty bad so I didn’t get any photos night-of. But I wanted to share the couple items I made for the party! Not pictured, the giant mylar cursive YAY balloon, and the flowers from the farmers market. That’s it! Super simple, and super fun.

The gold frame is from Target and was on sale for $10. You could achieve a similar look with a print out taped on with fun washi tape. The clear plates are also from target and I used my vinyl cutter to cut gold stickers of a font I created just for the party. Not everyone has a vinyl cutter obviously, but stuff like this is easy to find on Etsy. In fact, DM me if you want these. They went unused and I have 10 made already ;)