Snow Day

We had the biggest snow storm to hit the Seattle area in years. Out here in Snoqualmie we actually had 3’-5’ of snow in some places. Many of our friends were literally snowed into their homes and had to dig their way out. Snow plows were completely unable to get into our neighborhood for 48 hours. It was a bit bananas. The fun thing about snow in western Washington is that we have very, very steep hills. So it doesn’t really matter if you’ve got loads of snow driving experience…because you’re almost always driving on a steep incline. Add in the fact that Seattle only has a handful of snowplows for a giant suburban/urban population and we have strict laws around using de-icer and salt because of water pollution to the Puget Sound and our many surrounding lakes…makes for a fun time. The best part? School was canceled for a whole week…the week before Mid-Winter Break. So the kids were stuck at home for two whole weeks, a big portion of which we were basically stuck in our house/back yard. The cabin fever was real.