Bathroom Upgrade

For my 30th birthday Dave and decided to finally bite the bullet and give our Owner’s Suite bathroom a bit of a facelift. Our beige on beige on beige bathroom was probably the ugliest room in the house and since 85% of it was tile we can’t really change without dropping $40,000 plus we decided to just go after the vanity side and see if a few changes couldn’t make a big difference. Amazingly it did! I no longer want to rip all the beige tile out and I’m even considering leaving the bathroom cabinets in their original black color instead of painting them white. Check out what we did!

Main Bathroom Original.png

Here’s how the bathroom was staged when we first moved in! Blue-grey walls, spec lights, spec (12’!!!) mirror, spec towel racks and a lot of beige tile

Main Bathroom Upgrade Render.JPG

This is the digital rendering I made of the bathroom to help us decide if this is the style we wanted to go with. Always fun to put that Landscape Architecture (minor in Architecture) degree to work!

Main Bathroom Upgrade Demo1.JPG

As soon as we decided we were going to bite this bullet and give a small remodel a try I began peeling tile off the walls. This was actually super easy. I found a few tutorials online about removing tiles. You basically wedge the scraper blade parallel to your wall between the wall and the tile and start slowly hammering. You’ll get some tearing of the drywall, but for the most part it went really well.

Main Bathroom Upgrade Demo.jpg

My dad, younger brother, and husband banded together to tear down the bathroom wall and put up the shiplap as a joint 30th birthday present. Thankful they’re all engineers (one of whom is actually in the construction field). The mirror was a pain. They tried scoring it and bending it and it just would not break into two smaller chunks, so they just took the whole thing down at once.

Main Bathroom Upgrade Demo3 copy.jpg

Dad working the nail gun while Dave and Jon cut and haul shiplap boards.

After the shiplap was up we took a break and had dinner together and ate cake! It was a great time and the best birthday present! I mudded, textured, and painted the walls that were damaged from the old tile backsplash and painted the shiplap. Dave installed the mirrors, lights, and shelf! It was a pretty quick process from there. I love our bathroom now! We also installed some new black out shades from Pottery barn as well in the bathroom and the main bedroom and it has really pulled the whole space together. Happy 30th to me!

Just for fun, here’s what our room looked like before we moved in!!

Main Bedroom Original.png

Pretty big improvement if you ask me ;)