Strawberry Picking with Friends

Went strawberry picking with the boys for the very first time! It always seemed like an overwhelming endeavor and you’re either trekking out there in full sun or into field full of mud…but when my girlfriends invited me to join them this past Friday I decided it was going to be worth it. By some miracle it was perfectly overcast, and it hadn’t rained in days so there was no mud in sight! My boys were more interested in kicking dirt at each other than in picking strawberries…but it made the entire outing only cost about $5 and killed my entire morning so I was fine with it ;) So thankful for this group of mom friends who venture out on fun adventures with a whole bunch of kids. I’ve gotten a lot braver the past year on attempting outings without Dave, and good friends make it even easier. Also my Madewell overalls still fit even though I’m 33 weeks pregnant so I’m feeling pretty accomplished haha. Thanks Rachel for bringing your nice camera and taking such lovely photos to help us remember the trip!! She’s the best!